Relationship One’s Product Support Team provides Standard Support from 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday in the central time zone, excluding nation and company holidays. 

Support Response Times for Severity Levels

Severity Level Definitions:

Severity 1: Platform Application Halted (e.g., AppCloud outage or down, severe business impact)

Severity 2: Essential Platform Application Functionality Impacted (customer cannot add or edit App Instances)

Severity 3: App Impacted (AppCloud core functionality unaffected but a specific app is not performing correctly)

Severity 4: Platform Application Impaired (AppCloud Platform is working but functionality and/or performance is impaired – generally bugs with a workaround)

Severity 5: General Questions and Product Information


Standard Support First Response Time 
(between 8AM to 5PM CT M-F, unless otherwise stated)

Severity 1

Within 2 Hours

Severity 2

Within 4 Hours

Severity 3

Within 8 Hours

Severity 4

Within 1 Business Day

Severity 5

Within 2 Business Days