With the Twilio SMS Standard Cloud Action, easily incorporate SMS messaging into your campaign or program canvas logic in Eloqua. With the Standard Cloud Action, you can:

  • Setup an outbound SMS message within minutes
  • Personalize your SMS using data from the Contact's record
  • Push or schedule an SMS message through the campaign canvas or program canvas

Install Link: https://login.eloqua.com/Apps/Cloud/Admin/Catalog/Add/30a199d3-fce1-40fc-97b1-612e80be951f/33-A7-33-CB-74-FF-EF-AF-DD-E0-46-14-D6-69-47-33

Use Documentation: https://docs.relationshipone.com/docs/twilio-sms-standard

App Trim: Public

App Category: Channel App

App Status: Active