With the Hootsuite Publisher app, you can easily add social postings as part of your Eloqua Campaign including:

  • Selecting one or more of your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn
  • Get a visual countdown, by network, to know when you've reached a text limit
  • Add one or more images from your Eloqua Image library to be included in your social posts
  • Automatically schedule your posting for 20 minutes after Campaign activation

Install: https://login.eloqua.com/Apps/Cloud/Admin/Catalog/Add/e44506a0-57c6-4345-8251-3667d4eb7001/75-B9-14-03-89-F9-27-E8-EF-CF-53-33-B9-44-3D-86

Use Documentation: https://docs.relationshipone.com/docs/hootsuite-for-eloqua

App Trim: Public

App Category: Channel App

App Status: Active