Eloqua Insight and Bulk Exported Email Bounceback Activity Data Not Matching


When comparing Eloqua email bouncebacks within Eloqua Insight and data coming from the bulk API (e.g., using our SFTP - Bulk Eloqua Activities Exporter AppCloud connector) you may notice that the record counts are the same but Eloqua Insight shows all of the affected email addresses and the bulk export data has a mixture of correct bounced email addresses and our default bounceback email address. Why are these different?


There is a known issue with the Eloqua Bulk API that is causing this to occur. Here is what you might be seeing:

Eloqua Insight Email Bouceback Report

For this example, we are looking at a Email Bouncebacks for a single campaign and email asset - Eloqua Insight shows nine hard bounced records and the relevant associated Contact information.

Bulk Exported Bouceback Activity Data

The bulk activity being exported for Email Bouncebacks also shows 9 hard bounced records but you will notice that only three of the records have the correct email address (as seen within Eloqua Insight) but the remaining six records have the default Eloqua email bounceback address (this value is set within the Eloqua Email Defaults settings).

Raw Bulk Bouceback Activity Data
If you are a developer, here is the same data that is returned via the Eloqua Bulk Export API:

      "Activity_Id" : "3215",
      "Campaign_Id" : "295",
      "Asset_Id" : "653",
      "Activity_Type" : "Bounceback",
      "Activity_Date" : "2014-10-02 14:57:51",
      "Asset_Name" : "14-AllAud-APC-AppCloud Announcement 2_B",
      "Asset_Type" : "Email",
      "Email_Address" : "info@connect.relationshipone.com"


Currently, Oracle plans to fix this issue in a future release (potentially mid/late November). Until then, you can still use the Email Bounceback activity data exported using the Bulk API for general counts, email asset impact and campaign impact but you will not be able to reliably link the activity data to the correct Eloqua Contact.